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In this one I would have to say Evie. She was a touching character who just wanted a family and went for what she wanted not knowing if things would work out.

Chance with his love and worried whether some other man had Evie's love and he was losing her before he even really had her. Any additional comments? Like all the Mail-order brides in this series this was a very touching story of two people wanting so much and not sure if they made the right choices. Finding love only to not know if the other felt the same.

So many secretes hidden only to wonder if the other wanted out. Chance knowing his son needed a mother but afraid no women would take on his half breed son. He didn't ask for anything, didn't feel he had the right to. All he wanted was someone to love his son, he didn't care if she was pretty, or interested in sexual things just wanted someone who would take and love his son as he did. Evie being from a lower class of life never thought she would have a family. When she took the letter that was meant for another she knew this was the family she wanted as her own.

She hid a lot from the start and had a lot she needed to learn but was willing to do so if it meant she could have a family. She took to Chances son from the start as he did to her. She stole Chances heart when he saw her holding his son and loving him as he was her own. This was a very touching story with so many emotions that you wanted to just cry as misunderstanding kept them apart. It tore your heart and you just wanted to hit their heads together to make them see how wrong they were.

It is always a pleasure listening to Lara Asmundson she bring so much to the story. I could listen to her all day. She puts just the right about of emotion in to her voice. She is one of the few narrators that doesn't sound robotic when she reads in her own voice. When you see her name on an audio you know it is going to be an outstanding listen.

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I would listen to any story she narrated, I know she has an outstanding pleasures for me to listen to. I can't wait for her to take me on the journey of the rest of the Mail Order Brides. The ladies that bring you the mail order brides series is a series you do not want to miss. They bring the west right to your door with compelling stories of women who are afraid but excited to start a new life in a new town with people they have never met.

You feel each of their emotions and you feel all their pain along with their happiness.

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Caroline Fyffe bring a lot to this series as she spins you a tale that will keep you wanting more. Her writing is easy to follow with her easy flow of words. She brings so much passion to this nice clean read of days gone by that you wish you were back in that time living the life and seeing the wonderful beautiful country she paints for you. She has an art of story telling that leaves you smiling and will break your heart.

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Her humor is outstanding and she sorrow makes you want to cry. Lara bring the voice to the many different characters that keeps you coming back for more. You don't want to miss any of these outstanding reads. I love this series!!! Great narrators , sweet romance, love with a tough cowboy and a little turmoil to stir things up.

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What's not to love?! No harsh language. Just a great listen!!! I don't think that it was better than the print version, but listening to the book made me "see" things in a different way than reading it. When Evie decided to make a new life for herself and become a Mail-Order Bride, instead of being the maid. I believe that Evie was my favorite. Seymour, she cared for Evie's mother and continued to care for Evie after her mother died.

Although Evie was afraid to tell Mrs. Seymour about the letters and her plans to travel west as a Mail-Order Bride, Mrs. Seymour still cared enough about Evie to travel to Montana to be sure that she was safe and happy. I haven't seen any other version but I don't feel I missed anything. Listening is nice and Lara Asmundson makes it nice to hear the story. When he came racing after Evie on his horse when she was just going to the mailbox.

I like Lara's narration because she actually makes it sould like Evie is reading me her story. Did you have an extreme reaction to this book? Did it make you laugh or cry? Since I listened to 'Trudy' first I was fascinated that both authors seem to find it important for the med to build their wives a chicken coop.

Of course in this case, he just doesn't want to eat anymore potatoes. I would reacommend this series to anyone fascinated with the idea of women with no apparent prospects in their own towns, setting themselves up to marry a stranger in the 'wild' west. It has endless possibilities and these authors have captured the heart of the idea.

Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? If so, why? Definately a wonderful story that uplifts and entertains. Suspense over the romance coming together after misunderstanding. I could not stop listening to the story! Loved Evie.

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I felt that Ms. Asmundson did an excellent job making all the characters come to life. Her interpretation of the characters was similiar to my own as I had already read the book myself.

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  • Chance of a Lifetime. Fyffe's books are uplifting and fun. They are just what I am looking for in a book. Her stories bring out the underlying goodness in people and inspire a person to be kinder to others. Delightful, heartwarming and intriguing! Who was your favorite character and why?

    Oh, I don't know, I loved Evie's innocence, her determination for a better life and her willingness to leave the past in the past. But then, Chance,is a strong hero, who wants to have a life of his own without using his family's name and power. Her voice is smooth, relaxing and powerful, which in turn makes the story interesting and magical.

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    I laughed and cried. There was a wide variety of emotions throughout this story. Great books. I liked the narrator in books one and two better. But the story line is so good I'd listen to anyone read them. A Completely enjoyable heartfelt story. Relax with this rich Purely pleasurable listen.

    Lots of hurt feelings before the truth is revealed. The story has a great cast of characters along with interaction between them. In the process of protecting secrets, when they are finally revealed, they will both realize that most of it was trivial. Apr 10, Heather C rated it really liked it Shelves: romance , western , historical-fiction , audio-book , united-states , 19th-c. This mail-order bride series is a different type of series in that it is being written by two different authors instead of just one author for the whole series.

    Each author has written their own books in the series, but their characters are interconnected. So, it will be kinda cool to see how all of these characters interact, but I love the idea that they are loosely tied to one another. I would recommend reading Evie and Trudy at approximately the same time because the events in one bounce off of the other as the two women correspond with each other through letters interspersed throughout. After reading both books you get a complete idea of what they are discussing. It was even cute how at the end of the book, Evie is holding a conversation with her new husband about trying to find husbands for her friends at the bride agency — which we will see in coming books!

    This is a fact that she keeps from everyone in her new life right from the start and becomes her central point of concern throughout. She has to overcome this issue within her own head because she makes quite a mess of things by trying to keep it a secret. She certainly grows as a character throughout this book. I enjoyed her spunky personality and her willingness to learn what it takes to make a life out in the West and to take her destiny into her own hands.