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Did Irenaeus Misrepresent Gnostic Teachings?

What we encounter is an ancient, forgotten Gnosis. Is the world evil or in harmony? Is the Old Testament about a good or evil god? What were the true origins of Christianity? And much more. For some reason, my vaping was as incendiary as the topics. Meggan Watterson on Mary Magdalene Revealed.

We take a deep dive into the Gospel of Mary, from its discovery to its doctrines.

Church History: Complete Documentary AD 33 to Present

Beyond revealing Mary Magdalene as a preeminent master of ancient mysteries, we glean her spiritual techniques of meditation, transcendence, and how to become fully alive as a human being. Our in-depth exploration takes us on a quest through the New Testament, Christian legend, and censored history to find the authentic Mary Magdalene.

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All movements eventually stale and must find ways to revitalize under changing times. This truism goes for any Left-Hand Path tradition.

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A new work details reforms to the oversights of past magicians like Aleister Crowley. This reboot of sorts results in optimized rituals and the ability to navigate magic systems in these both digital and arduous days. And an understanding of the New Aeon and what it means. Rodney Orpheus on Group Magick Rituals.

Despite their individualistic vibe, magical movements like Thelema are primarily focused on community and group-support. We explore how to find an occult community, optimize group rituals, and whether occult organizations can thrive online. Can magic and Gnosis exist in virtual realms? This search includes understanding the history and evolution of group magick rituals, as well as the future of occult rites in the digital age. Rising accounts of extraterrestrial encounters indicate that something momentous is happening.

The Fall and Rise of Simon Magus

Even the media have started reporting on the sightings from military pilots around the world. Are we being observed and visited by beings from another planet or dimension? Is this just mass projection? We answer these questions from angles that include scientific, spiritual and psychological — tapping into the ideas of impactful thinkers. Robert Price on Dealing with Christian Superstition.

Superstition is more than just believing in fiction. Most of all, superstition cuts us off from experiencing the sublime and engaging in deep introspection. We deal with Christian superstition, from the notions of eternal damnation to the idea of a personal Jesus and much more — all to uncover the Christ in you. Astral Guest — Robert M.

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  • Eine Braut für den italienischen Grafen (ROMANA) (German Edition).
  • What DID the Early Christians Believe? Nice Gnostics – Christian Mystics of Knowledge;
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  • Gnosticism: Salvation by Secret Knowledge.
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  • Price, author of Jesus Christ Superstition. We take a journey back in time to the origins of Alchemy, which was an ancient and coded ritual that granted divinity to the seeker. Is it really as old as the first god kings and queens? Nicolas Laos on the Quest for Inner Illumination. Since ancient times, some have mapped the journey to find indwelling divinity and cosmic meaning.

    Simon Magus

    They are the real Illuminati. We travel across history to understand these psychonauts that include the Greek philosophers, Christian Gnostics, Hermetics, Greek Orthodox mystics, Enlightenment Secret Societies, and more. This expedition grants insights into finding your inner illumination. Astral Guest — Dr. Ready to delve into the monomyth and other cultural dreams of ancient and prehistoric man? Get your Nous dirty with some archaeology? In the end, what the world of archetypes delivers is an actual clash of myths and clash of civilizations in the form of the TMT controversy in Hawaii.

    We are obsessed with the topics of robotics, artificial intelligence, and transhumanism. These ideas were explored in ancient Greek myths and philosophy. Peter Moon on Jack Parsons, L. In modern times, man has attempted both ambitious scientific and magical experiments. These experiments are sometimes connected. Ron Hubbard, Marjorie Cameron, and more. It's a deep dive into the mystic and occult themes behind Game of Thrones, including a foundational Gnostic narrative. Is the Night King the Demiurge? Are the Children of the Forest a representation of the fallen Sophia?

    What do all the religions of Westeros represent, and what are the Jungian Campbellian ideas behind many of the characters? And much more, including a discussion on whether the last season was any good. What exactly are the Archons? Are they rebellious angels? Extraterrestrial invaders or alien mind parasites? We present a special show on the Powers and Principalities with two brilliant thinkers.

    Just as important as understanding the reality of the Archons, we gain the insights and tools to overthrow their tyrannical yoke on humanity and a dying planet. It's an in-depth exploration of the Romantic Poets including their legacy on modern esoterica and society in general.

    Featured Verse Topics

    Mark Stavish on Egregores. We explore the crucial but little-known concept in occultism known as the egregore — an autonomous psychic entity created by a shared group mind. This thought-form or collective meme can take on a life of its own, becoming an independent deity that can create despots or change history. Astral Guest — Mark Stavish, author of Egregores. Threskiornis on Emergent Magick. We explore a new magical philosophy focusing on the consciousness alteration, shamanistic Gnosis, and building a community based on mutual compassion along with ancestor veneration.

    It focuses less on results and more on personal development paired with harmonious group dynamics. The goal of this occult system is to reintroduce the world to tribalism in a modern, accepting context, always group-inclusive but supreme in championing the individual. Astral Guest — Threskiornis, author of Emergent Magick.

    Cyd Ropp, Ph.

    The Fall and Rise of Simon Magus · The BAS Library

    We deal with the fascinating creation myth found in the Nag Hammadi library's Tripartite Tractate. This Valentinian work provides as many differences as it does parallels to the Sethian cosmologies. Even more, our guest reveals her beautiful visuals that correspond to this gospel, as well as unique insights on the Gnostic plight and the world we live in today. Astal Guest -- Cyd Ropp, Ph.

    Erik Davis on Philip K.

    Dick and High Weirdness. We explore the earthly and unearthly forces in the early 70s that shaped the minds of Philip K. We focus more on Dick, including his Gnosticism that was much earlier than most believe and his predictions of a Gnostic nightmare that has come true. It's getting really bad out there. We discuss how prognosis and practical remedy can reverse the ever-increasing stupidity of global society; and the potential for Gnosticism to thrive in such a global reversal.